This website has been designed and built by David Vidgen Ltd. They specialise in website design for builders and the construction industry, particularly websites for small businesses that are designed to convert visitors into leads and new customers. They’ve worked with a lot of different businesses and industries from all over the UK especially tradesmen such as bathroom fitters, central heating engineers and electricians. They like to work with small companies, from established multi-million pound companies, through to start-ups and sole traders; they have a vast knowledge of the construction industry and it’s this that enables them to produce high converting websites.

David Vidgen Ltd were approached by Kings Norton Heating and Bathrooms to update their outdated website. The website was visible in search engines and had above average rankings, however the website was not generating leads or conversions. This is often commonplace, because there is a significant difference between having a website that ranks well, and a website that generates leads and customers.

There are a lot of companies whom may offer websites that perform well in search engine results pages, however getting them to generate leads is something completely different. David Vidgen Ltd has a thorough understanding of conversion marketing, and it’s this knowledge that puts them head and shoulders above other digital marketing agencies.

With a website, one of the key elements is to build visitor trust, because a visitor does not know you from Adam. The construction industry in particular needs to build visitor trust because of the reputation it has inherited over the years. We have had tremendous success with this website. In the previous 6 months before our intervention, this website did not receive a single lead. Since April 2016, this website has now generated 354 leads, thats 1 lead every other day. Just imagine, if your a plumber or builder and your website is generating a new lead every 2 days, just how more profitable your business would be.

This highlights the importance of having the right content that triggers and encourages leads and conversions. Anybody can build a website, but to build a website that it highly visible in Google and other search engines, and create leads, requires a particular set of skills and knowledge.

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