Saving Money On Your Bathroom Heating and Energy Bills

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Saving Money On Your Bathroom Heating and Energy Bills

Here are just some of the handy tips which are helping our customers save money on their bathroom heating and energy bills.

Shaving Up To 80% Off Energy Bills

Fitting 5w spotlights and down lights featuring LEDs rather than traditional halogen or other bathroom lighting has been shown to save 60 to 80% energy bills attributed to lighting the bathroom.

In the last few years this type of lighting has improved drastically. So it is now slimmer and more attractive, coming in a range of finishes including chrome, brushed chrome and white. LED lighting does not emit as much heat as it used to.

Underfloor heating

In addition to the comfort provided by underfloor heating (making padding across a warm floor first thing on a winters morning far more appealing) – we also employ measures to ensure heating bills are kept sensible.

By insulating the floor in a particular way we enable flooring to heat up in half the normal time having a positive impact on your energy bills.

Dry towels at half the cost

Electrically heated towel rail elements provide a cost-effective way to keep damp towels dry. A heating element slots inside the heated towel rail. This means you have a source of consistent warmth for drying towels without the cost of having to keep turning your central heating on (this action uses even more energy than having your central heating set at a modest temperature) or tumble drying. The electric element also stops unpleasant odours caused by damp towels from occurring.