Picking the Right tiler and tiles for your bathroom

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Picking the Right tiler and tiles for your bathroom

Q: I am a perfectionist! How can you reassure me the detail such as the tiling finish you provide will be sufficient for my needs!

A: We are glad you like things done properly, so do we. This goes across both our attention to detail and methods, but also influences the high quality of materials we recommend.

For example, if the best finish and fitting standards are important we can recommend tiles from brands such as Porcelenosa.

Getting the tolerances right

The British tolerance for tile size accuracy is 3 mm per metre of tiles supplied. However, Porcelenosa work too much stricter tolerances that are very, very small. These beat the British tolerance standards hands down.

This means their tiles are all generally guaranteed to be the same size. We often use square edged tiles or rectified tiles where the accuracy on sizes quoted on these tiles tends to very good. The less accurate the tile size, the bigger the grout spacer you have to use to compensate.

If you were to have 10 rows of tiles from the ceiling to the bottom you could be a millimetre out by the time you get to the bottom, if working with tiles that have generous tolerances in their size. In this case a bigger spacer has to be used, leaving more grout, which means more material to be cleaned and surface area that could discolour.

Quality materials

Using very accurately sized tiles from brands such as Porcelenosa, combined with a skillful and experienced tiling method, prevents these problems from occurring.

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