Considering having a smaller bathroom refurbished?

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Making the most of smaller bathrooms

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “how can we make the most of a narrow or smaller bathroom or en-suite?”.

Although we always base our advice on your exact requirements here are some more general hints and tips below which you might like to consider before contacting us for more specific advice.

Furnishings designed to make the most of your space

If space is limited then a ‘P-shaped’ bath or ‘L-shaped’ bath with a shower screen means the wider end (800mm wide) has a flat base walk-in area and it has sufficient room for showering – so no bumped or bruised elbows!

Meanwhile the remainder of the bath is narrower allowing room for floor space and your other furnishings.

Corner furnishings

Both WC and baths can be made to fit in the corner of a room, which can often make for better use of space in a smaller, square bathroom.

Everything in the right place

Narrow 700mm bath tubs can be installed across the back wall of a bathroom. That way when entering the bathroom you can have a toilet on one wall, a sink (and perhaps a towel rail on the opposite side) and the bath straight ahead along the back wall.

You can never have enough storage space

We have found 300mm wide cupboards which fit from floor to ceilings can be placed in a corner offering convenience without encroaching on your floor-space. This makes a great place to keep towels etc.

If there is a small gap at the end of the bath then these cupboards can be fitted there too.

In many cases, towel shelves can also be positioned at the opposite end of the bathroom to the shower, making it easy to reach with ample room left for head height.

You could have a vanity unit under the basin for extra storage. We can show you a wide range of styles to suit both contemporary style and traditional or period style bathrooms or en-suites.

Storage mirrors also give you an attractive way of obtaining more room to keep toiletries etc in.

High level towel rails can also provide plenty of room for drying and holding towels.

For more information, free advice or to see samples and brochures with bathroom furnishings and equipment designed to make the most of smaller spaces please call us on freephone 0800 622 6823 or contact us by email here.