Plumbing to ensure sufficient water supply to homes with low water pressure

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Getting sufficient water volume and pressure to homes with several bathrooms

Q: We have or are planning several bathrooms in our new home. What is the best way of ensuring sufficient flow of water to them all?

A: We meet very few people want less water to their bathrooms! When discussing a new bathroom We are frequently asked about getting more water pressure, a greater volume of hot water faster or taps that will fill a bath quicker.

If you have several bathrooms and/or en-suites in most cases the solution is to have an unvented system fitted. More information is available on unvented systems on our sister companies website here.

A lot is governed by how much water is actually coming into the house.

Unvented V Combi Systems – What will heat my water best?

Ultimately water temperature is affected by the temperature of water coming into the home and your water heating system.

An unvented system will store the water successfully at the desired temperature. With a combi boiler the temperature might vary as it has to slow down sufficiently when going through the heat exchange. This can mean that only 5/10 L may actually be at the desired temperature, affecting the amount of water available sufficiently heated at any point in time.